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Photobucket He hates them.
Photobucket He dislikes them.
Photobucket He is neutral to them.
Photobucket He likes them.
Photobucket He really likes them.
Photobucket He has a crush on them.
Photobucket He loves them.
***Special: Photobucket This means Jeep likes them too.

Alois: Photobucket

Ciel: Photobucket

Gojyo: Photobucket

L: Photobucket

Oz: Photobucket

Ruby: Photobucket

Tsuna: Photobucket


Compliment and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism here only~ thank you!

[Screening on~]


What's ok/not ok to talk about around him/her? You can say whatever you want it's your character. He will act accordingly.
Shapeshifting/Bodyswitching: Please ask first~ 
Mind control:  Again, please ask me for consent first. I don't really mind it but I would like to know when it is happening and what will happen.
Mind reading: Give me a heads up and I will type his thoughts ^^
Deceit (Lies, manipulation, illusions, etc): You can decieve him if you are careful. He is smart enough to catch when something is suspicious. Lie to him all you want, he may or may not believe it. illusions I would prefer it if we talked it out first. He won't fall for it if it is absolutely ridiculous.
Minor insults (spiting at, stepping on, throwing non-lethal objects at, etc): He is peace keeper and probably won't provoke this kind of behaviour. However, if someone decides to be mean to him he will act accordingly. Basically go ahead ^^
Non-violent physical contact (hugging, kissing, etc): Sure, he is sweet guy. If you get close enough to him, he won't mind at all. If its from someone he isn't comfortable with that way. it may freak him out a little.
Sexual situations: Sure, if he loves someone he is very romantic and loving.  If he isn't in love with your character, you can try rape, but expect a good fight out of him~
Fighting:  He would rather not, but he isn't a pushover either ^^
Serious injury:  I don't mind him being injured but it is my decision how badly injured he gets.
Death (intentional or accidental):  Always ask first. I don't like my characters being killed randomly or inappropriately.
Special notes: I'm pretty much up to most things but when in doubt ask~


Name: Cho Hakkai
Species: Demon (Youkai)
Age: 22
Bithday: September 21
Blood Type: AB
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 69 kg
Likes: Books, learning, teaching, Jeep, alcohol, and games such as cards or Mahjong.
Dislikes: Traitors
Regarding the Distortion: His hands will be covered in blood that he can't wash off and his stomache will be ripped open and the wound won't close and also won't wash off.


OOC Information
Alias: Kairi
Contact Info: digikairi @ aim
Other characters: Kiddy Phenil and Toboe

IC Information
Character: Cho Hakkai (Cho Gonou)
Canon: Saiyuki
Point in canon: Chapter 20
Age: 22
Personality: Hakkai's thoughts and feelings are mainly an enigma. He is very polite as well as intelligent, but as far as reading his true emotions goes, it's near impossible with his persistant absent minded and humble smile. It is difficult to tell when he is serious or not, however what is always evident, is that he is a peace-keeper as well as generous and cordial. He isn't necessarily being 'fake' since these are true personality traits, but these do mask any darker feelings he may have.

Hakkai does have a serious side of him that hides behind his smile. This side of him is not neccesarily evil, but it is more cruel and if someone does something to provoke it, they probably have it coming. Hakkai does not resort to violence first thing, however if one really provokes him or threatens his friends he won't hesitate. This serious side, is much more melancholy rather than angry however. It's the part of him that still misses Kanan and grieves over her that hides behind his smile.

There are other aspects that make up Hakkai. He is always thinking, although the smile gives him the illusion of being thoughtless. He also has incredible luck, and enjoys card games and mah jong. Hakkai can be reckless at times, especially when he does things like driving Jeep off a cliff, but he wouldn't do something if he didn't think he could pull it off. He is a dependable and responsible guy, and is overall very polite.

History: Hakkai was born as a human and his name was originally Gonou. He was orphaned as a baby, and as he became older, he found out he had an older sister in another orphanage, and her name was Kanan. They met up with eachother and became very close. By time they both were nearing adulthood, they had fallen deeply in love. Gonou got a job as a school teacher, and they had plans to spend their lives together in happiness.

Unfortunately, their happy life together came to an end. Gonou returned home one day, to find out that the village had traded Kanan to a youkai noble named Hyakugen Maoh, in exchange to protect a girl who had a family and to protect the entire village. Gonou went to Hyakugen maoh's tower and slaughtered 999 youkai. He found Kanan in the dungeon, but he was too late. She tells him that Hyakugen Maoh raped her and she can't bear the child, before killing herself.

Gonou was overcome by grief and rage. The last demon left in the tower was Hyakugen Maoh's son,Chin Yisou, who then finds Gonou with his dead sister. He began to provoke and fight Gonou, and stabbed him in the stomache, which was a nearly fatal wound. Chin Yisou says that a human can become a demon if they bath in the blood of a thousand yokai. He decides to test this theory, and cuts his hand open and allows the blood to flow onto Gonou, making him the 1000th youkai. Gonou turns into a demon and slaughters him too, or so he thinks.

Gojyo finds Gonou, near death in a forest. Gojyo decides to take him in and take care of him. He is later arrested by Sanzo and Goku and taken to the Three Buddhas. Instead of being executed for murdering youkai, he is sentenced to a new life with a new name, Cho Hakkai. His life then consists of aiding Sanzo and being the peace keeper among their unruly group.

They then meet a fortune teller named Chin Yisou, who says Hakkai's fortune is calamity according to his mah jong tiles.. He also says that 'Hakkai has a false smile and the eyes of a sinner, and the scare on his belly is the symbol of the sins he can't atone for. For Hakkai the name Chin Yisou is vaguely familiar, but they quickly have bigger problems to deal with as a giant shikigami monster comes out to attack them. With the help of Kougaiji's sister they defeat it.

Then, they all find out Kougaiji and his followers are there, and they mistakenly Lirin is captured by them. As they are all just about to fight the shikigami comes back and they are forced to work together to defeat it. After doing so, all that is left of it is a mah jong tile. Hakkai thought the monster was sent by Kougaiji's group but they were just as suprised by it. Hakkai knows something is suspicious, and the fortune teller his somehow familiar.

The next night, Hakkai has a nightmare about Kanan. He wakes up and strays from the group. Gojyo goes to him to cheer him up, when a suspicious doll appears from the bushes and begins reciting all of the terrible things from Hakkai's past. Gojyo gets pissed off and kicks the doll, and as it falls to the ground it shoots something into Gojyo's chest. That's when Sanzo and Goku show up to find that a seed is planted on Gojyo's heart and it's spreading roots that will suck Gojyo's blood.

Sanzo shoots the doll, and then aims at Gojyo's heart. He tells Hakkai to focus his chi on healing Gojyo after he shoots him. Hakkai is forced to see his best friend get shot, and he heals him immidiatly, but he is begins to get upset, and he knows Chin Yisou is behind this. He then passes out, since he used a lot of chi and hadn't been sleeping well. While being unconcious, he remembers his past, and who exactly Chin Yisou is.

Abilities: Kikou jutsu (chi manipulation): He can concentrate his chi to attack, heal, or create barriers. He wears youkai power limiters as cuffs on his ears, and when he takes them off, he becomes twice as strong.
Items brought along: His clothes, including his power limiters, his monocle, spare glasses, a few books, and his little hakuryu, Jeep.
Stigma: His stigma is the sorrow he feels over the loss of his sister.

Regular Post: ........Oh? Where has Sanzo gotten us to this time? Infact, where is everyone?

[He looks down to see Jeep, just barely waking up next to him.]

I'm glad you are here, little one.

Log Post: "Kanan....Kanan.." Hakkai mumbles her name in his sleep. His green eyes awaken to an old, dilapidated bus station. He sat up on the bench and adjusted his monocle before looking around. He is unsure of whether he got here by bus, or by Jeep, but either way he needed to figure out where exactly this place is and where his friends are. He decided he is safe at least, but his guard is up. He gently petted
Jeep's head as Jeep climbed onto his shoulder.

He then notices that next to him on the bench is a bag that does not belong to him. As he looks through all of the items he got the idea it must be something given to him, since his name and an apartment number was attached to a key. He took out the map and noticed a street name matched the name of the apartment on his key. "It must be on this road somewhere. If we can't find, we'll just see if anyone can hear us on this radio." He said this to Jeep of course, who responded with a "Kyuu." Jeep then turned into an actual jeep, as in the car, and Hakkai got into the driver's seat. He didn't know where the apartment is or whether it was a trap, but it was his only lead to finding out how he got here and why.


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